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  1. Officially attested certificates, performance reports and letters help to validate the authenticity of the documents issued.

  2. Students wishing to maintain an official copy of their performance for academic purposes should avail this service.

  3. Students who wish to apply for governmental awards or scholarships such as the Sheikh Hamdan Award should avail this service.

  1. The attestation fee for the certificates and performance reports is non-refundable.

  2. The attestation fee will include 5% VAT and AED 20 for shipping.

  3. The last date to apply for attestation is 20th January 2019.

  4. The certificates will be dispatched on 25th of January. The courier service will take 4 working days to deliver.

  5. Payment for attestation service is to be done online.

  6. KENKEN UAE does not guarantee the use of the attested certificate/performance reports for successful application for enrollment into higher educational institutions or government awards.

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